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Electronic ways of legal communication

In many regulations both the state and the federal governments have allowed and in some cases have even prescribed the use an electronic post office box for a large number of courts.

In order to use it in the individual federal states there is detailed information as well as software available for download under http://www.egvp.de.

Here you will find further information on how to employ third-party products for the Electronic Post Office Box for Courts and Administrative Bodies (EGVP).

Information on the electronic ways of legal communication

The Bund-Länder Commission for Data Processing and Rationalization is very intensely working to improve the electronic ways of legal communication. Its goal is to make it possible for any party taking part in court proceedings to make binding statements over against a court or justice authorities in electronic form. The various issues concerning this field are dealt with by the task force units established by the Bund-Länder Commission: “Electronic Ways of Legal Communication" – dealing with the legal and organizational aspects and “IT Technical Standards in Justice” – dealing with the technical aspects of these issues.

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