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Online services

The translation is currently being updated. The translated text still corresponds to the old version.

In addition to the possibility of making electronic applications in default actions and announcing insolvency cases via the internet the judicial administrations of the individual federal states offer the following information procedures in the field of land and companies’ register. Moreover, there is information on federal and state laws and court decisions available that is provided by the Federal Justice Ministry and the judicial administrations of the federal states.

Important Note

The Justice Departments of the States and the Federal Ministry of Justice issue a warning in the context of online services and announcements in the Federal and State justice portals that – partially misleading – offers, payment demands and invoices are presently circulating that did NOT originate from the judicial authorities.

Recently, there have been numerous cases where a number of companies – at times using government look-alike letterheads or protected domain names, such as www.handelsregisterbekanntmachungen.de, offer some type of “service”, like registration into non-official registries, etc. They may also send out simple payment demands for previously made registrations into official registries.

The offers, invoices, payment demands, and payment forms of these companies at times appear very similar to official forms and correspondence. However, such letters and communications per se do not constitute any legal effect, and they do not result in a payment obligation toward the issuing party.



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