Portal of the justice authorities of the federal and state governments

Common register portal of the states

The translation is currently being updated. The translated text still corresponds to the old version.

The federal states have created a common register portal in the form of an online register access. This makes available the trade, cooperative and partnership registers as well as a partial register of associations in all the states.

A search function makes it easily possible to find all businesses registered in Germany, even where the register number and location of the firms are unknown. All that is required as a search term is a part of the business name. The contents of the register are made available in different pdf display formats, which can be saved or printed out.

  • the current expression with an overview of all valid entries,
  • the chronological expression with all data after the changeover to electronic register management,
  • the historical expression with all the data that were valid until the changeover to electronic register management.

Apart from this the register portal makes it possible to call up documents (such as lists of shareholders and company contracts) sent electronically to the registration office.

Further detailed information can be found in the common register portal of the states.

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