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Joint Commission of the Federal and States Governments
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Information on the co-operation between the justice ministries of the federal states and the federal government with regard to the implementation of information and digital technologies at the Commission.

Federal / state level
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A survey of internet services, brochures and leaflets as well as press releases by the Federal Ministry of Justice and the justice administrations of the federal states.

Justice Ministers’ Conference
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Coordination and harmonisation of justice and legal initiatives by the federal states under annually rotating presidency of one of the states. Since 1 January 2024, Niedersachsen has held the presidency of the 95rd Justice Ministers’ Conference (JuMiKo).

The continuative link is currently available in German only.

E-Justice Council
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Through the agreement on the establishment of the e-Justice Council and on the framework for cooperation in the implementation of information technologies in the judiciary as signed in June 2012, the framework for the operation of the e-Justice Council was created and the foundation laid for the development of digitalisation in the judiciary.

European Justice Portal and e-CODEX
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In addition to the large amount of information from all EU member states in 23 languages and presented on more than 12,500 websites on law, justice, jurisdiction, court proceedings and registers, the project “e-CODEX” (e-Justice Communication via Online Data Exchange) is introduced.