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Online services

In addition to the possibility of making online applications in a dunning procedure and publishing insolvency proceedings announcements, the judicial administrations of the federal states offer the following information procedures in the field of land and companies’ register. Moreover, you will find here information on federal and state law and court decisions provided by the Federal Ministry of Justice and by the judicial administrations of the federal states.

Important Note

With regard to online services and public announcements, the justice administrations of federal states and the Federal Ministry of Justice warn against - sometimes misleading - offers, payment demands and invoices that do not originate from justice authorities.

Recently there have been an increasing number of cases where various companies - some of which using official letters designed to look as originating from government sources or protected domain names like - provide “services” such as registration in non-official registries etc. Sometimes people simply receive demands to pay for registration in official registries although this had already been completed.

Offers, demands for payment or invoices and bank transfer forms from such companies sometimes look very much like official forms. However, such letters do not have any legal effect, no payment obligation towards the issuer of any such document can be substantiated in any way.