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Insolvency Bulletins
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The federal states have set up a joint portal for the publication of notices by the insolvency courts. Here you can search for publications on insolvency proceedings that have been instigated since the state in question joined the joint portal.

The continuative link is currently available in German only.

Insolvency bulletins EU
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On 7 July 2014 the European Commission launched the cross-linking of the European insolvency information. The data are centrally linked via the European Justice Portal. This function of the European e-Justice Portal allows you to search for insolvent natural or legal persons in the EU.

Insolvency Table
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In future, liquidators will be able to electronically transmit the claims table to insolvency courts under Section 175 subsection 1 sentence 2 of the Insolvency Code.

Information for originators may be found under the link provided below. The continuative link is currently available in German only.